Configure Settings

Configure Settings

This video will walk you through the RecruitHire configuration process. You’ll see how to create and configure pipelines, email templates, custom fields, domain settings, inbound email, and other features.

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we’re going to be covering settings, so there’s going to be to the right corner here For locations just like everywhere else for all And go ahead and click on settings. You’re going to see pipelines,

Email Templates

Custom Fields

Domain Settings

Inbound Emails

With that said, we do have other things as well, like the career page. If you want to see how that works as well, I’ll cover that as well for you guys but let’s go ahead and take a look at the settings here.


Go ahead and create a channel. We have our default and recruitment. You can understand the pipeline, complete your recruitment process based on your pipeline stages, apply for shortlisted assessment interviews, and hold off for hired rejected. If you don’t like the default ones or don’t like the recruitment ones, you can always get your own by adding your own here,

We can always add a new stage here, screening, etc. So you get the picture there. We have examples here for you just in case we get lost there.

Go ahead and click on settings again, close out of that, go and click click on settings again, go to email templates.

Now here, we can add an email template by clicking template, Save it: name, user name, job ID, Job title, company name. You can always add the HTML code instead of this or add this as fine.

Now here, we can add an email template by clicking here. Do the email template, do the subject to the body. Save it. You’re going to get something like this. Edit this. Check it out. See how it looks.

Name, User name, job ID.Job title, Customer name, Company name.

You can always add the HTML code instead of this or add this as fine.

Go to custom fields, as you can see here. There are candidates and jobs. Let’s go ahead and add a candidate. In this custom field, you can fill out the information here. There’s a name, a description, and a required. Just put it in a random word here. Custom field, let’s say the custom field for a candidate.

Custom Stage

Phone the number, description, and phone number, and Save it. Make it required. Go to the job. We can add a custom field for the job as well. Let’s just put it in a text area or a text box. We’re going to call this job customer service.

Save it; go to settings.

Go to domain settings. We can change. So we can change it to however you like dot recruit hire dot com. If you don’t like that one, you can always add your own, just like ours is here; we can add our domain from there, too as well. We can delete it and save it; it doesn’t matter. And as you can see here, this is a custom domain.

So basically, you add a name, and that’s how you’re going to be able to do that. And let’s go and click out of here settings inbound email. This is very simple. Just follow these steps here, and you’ll be able to get some inbound emails going to you and follow the steps. Go ahead and pause the video. If you need to, let’s go ahead and move on. When you click on it from the domain settings, this is a career page.

This will show you exactly what the careers page looks like anyways, and we’re going to go ahead and set that up as soon as we get some jobs in.