Recruiting top talent can be more tasking than you think. First, you have to connect with qualified candidates, make them excited about the role and your company and make a great first impression. However, you can make the recruiting process easy when you have a great recruiting strategy.

Top 10 Recruiting Tips

To demystify recruiting, we have assembled these 10 recruiting tips to help you consistently attract top talents.

1. Encourage employee referrals

The secret many companies are using to get talented employees in their firm is by encouraging employee referrals. Encouraging employee referrals makes the hiring process easy because your employees do most of the hiring tasks. And since your employees are already in the system they understand the job description and the required skills.

Top 10 Recruiting Tips

In other words, when you turn your employees into recruiters, you encourage them to bring their most talented friends. Hence, you wouldn't have to worry much about any referred candidate's performance ability. This is because your employee will only refer candidates they know have the skills to handle the available position.

2. Prioritize Candidate Experience

To ensure you win over applicants that want to join the company, prioritize giving them a great first experience. From their first interaction to how they perceive the company and its culture are very crucial. Getting it wrong can leave your company with negative feedback that can be difficult to correct.

So, prepare a skillful design that will give candidates an impression that they are cared for. Even before they become a part of the team, candidates have that sense of belonging. By doing so, you are also creating a standard expectation they should emulate in their minds.

3. Seek and Embrace Diversity

When hiring, candidates with top talents, creativity, and diligence are a priority. However, diversity should not be neglected. A diverse team gives a company a competitive edge, and it starts during the recruiting process. In addition, by diversifying the team you recruit, you provide the company with myriads of benefits and opportunities.

According to research shared on Forbes, a team with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experience are crucial to the innovation and development of new ideas. You can incorporate diversity into your recruiting strategy in many ways, as it takes many forms.

4. Value Quality Over Quantity

Another effective recruiting strategy you can use is to focus on the quality of the candidate rather than volume. Having a large number of employees does not guarantee better results. Rather, the quality of your employees is what produces dramatic results. For example, two outstanding employees will produce better results than five average employees.

Value Quality Over Quantity

The extra time and effort you put into finding a quality candidate will benefit the company long into the future. Areas like competence, adaptability, team player, culture alignment, and attitude are important areas you want to hire quality candidates.

5. Use Social Media

Social media can also serve as a fantastic tool for recruiting. With social media, you can share job posts with your entire network. And even if the people who get the job posting are not interested in the role, they may know someone who is a good fit.

Also, by sharing pictures and videos on social media from company events you give potential applicants a glimpse of the company culture. Moreover, several social media sites have tools that help companies develop great recruiting sites.

6. Be Clear About Timelines

Recruiting is time-consuming, and often, it takes longer than anticipated. As such, extending the recruiting timeline can be very challenging for your recruiting team and applicants. This is because many applicants are already finding it hard enough to search for an ideal new job.

If you waste too much time recruiting, a strong candidate may accept another offer from another organization. Or in some cases, applicants will entirely give up on the recruitment process. Hence, you should always be clear about your timeline.

7. Create a Compelling Job Description

How you describe the position you are hiring for is crucial to attracting the right candidate. When you do not accurately describe the position, you are disadvantaged. For example, if the position you are hiring does not pay well, or is very glamorous, don't dress it up otherwise.

When you are writing the job description, make the title as specific as possible, open and captivating, and include all the essentials. In the job description, include your expectation from applicants. So, when they apply, they have the right expectation.

8. Don't Discount Past Candidates

Don't discount candidates that have formerly applied for a position at the company. Because they were not chosen for a particular position when they formerly applied doesn't mean they wouldn't be a great fit for another spot.

Don't discount past candidates

If you ever find yourself interviewing such a candidate, pay attention to the quality of their experience. This is because if the candidates appreciate honest and constructive feedback, they might do better next time.

9. Ask Better Questions

While it may seem counter-intuitive, the questions you ask during an interview helps you know the most qualified candidates. Every organization has slightly different questions they ask candidates, and what may be appropriate for one company might be grossly inappropriate for another.

For example, someone in the marketing team will ask questions more focused on how their work impacts revenue. Similarly, someone in the software engineering team will ask questions in the form of a programming exercise. Again, the idea is to ask relevant questions.

10. Include Peers in the Interview Process

Lastly, when hiring, especially if it isn't into your team, you should include a peer working in a similar role. The peer will be best positioned to determine if the applicant will make a fine candidate for the role.

Moreover, since this employee is already in the system, they know what it takes to excel and can verify whether the candidate has the experience or skill to do the job well. The employee can also help give an accurate description of what a day-to-day activity of the role includes and help the applicant understand their role better if hired.

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