Applicant Management

to track and analyze key recruitment metrics

Streamline the entire recruitment process from end to end, allowing you to quickly and accurately identify qualified candidates, track and manage their progress, and improve the overall candidate experience.

Applicant Management

Organize and Track Candidates With Applicant Management System

Assists recruiters manage the entire recruiting process from sourcing to hiring and reduce the time taken for recruiters to review applications, identify qualified candidates, and track the progress of each candidate.

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segmenting pipelines

Segmenting Pipelines

Create segments for and amend several pipelines in accordance with work specifications, indicating the department or location for each stage.

streamline administrative tasks

Streamline Administrative Tasks

Improve the efficiency of an organization’s operations by reducing or eliminating unnecessary or redundant steps in its administrative processes.

manage & share reports

Manage & Share Reports

Create unique reports and distribute them to other individuals or groups to better analyse the recruiting process.

What is Applicant Management?

Applicant Management is the process of recruiting and tracking potential employees from the time job openings are posted until the position is filled. This includes screening resumes, interviewing candidates, conducting background checks, and making hiring decisions. Applicant Management helps streamline the process by providing an efficient way to manage job postings, track applicants, and monitor progress. It also provides a way to store applicant data and keep track of conversations and interactions with each candidate.

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