Inbound Email Integration

to automate inbound emails

Receive and process candidate emails automatically in order to collect and store candidate information in the system without having to manually enter the data.

Inbound Email Integration

Maximize Your Recruiting Efficiency with Inbound Email Integration

Examine all your received emails from outside the organization with the help of inbound email settings

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receive candidate's emails

Receive Candidate's Emails

Get the applicant's email directly to your inbox whenever someone applies to your job post.

email configuration

Email Configuration

Streamline and automate email-related tasks and processes, allowing recruiters and other stakeholders to manage and respond to incoming emails more efficiently.

email parsing

Email Parsing

Retrieve candidate-relevant information from incoming emails and save it to the candidate's profile within the software.

What is Inbound Email Integration?

Inbound Email Integration in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) refers to the system's ability to automatically receive and process emails from candidates who are applying for a job. This feature allows recruiters to seamlessly collect and manage candidate information, such as resumes and cover letters, without having to manually enter the data into the system.

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