Recruitment Pipelines

to get clear picture of hiring

Create custom pipelines to visualize every stage of the hiring process which includes sourcing, screening, interviewing, offering, and hiring.

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Recruitment Pipelines

Accelerate Your Hiring Process with Advanced Recruitment Pipelines

Manage the progress of a candidate from initial contact to offer stage

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customizable pipeline

Customizable Pipeline

Construct highly customizable pipelines based on the needs of your hiring process to track each stage of the candidate.

default pipelines

Default Pipelines

Comprised of system-generated default pipelines that include the various stages the candidate goes through, such as new, interview rounds, on-hold, hired, or rejected.

What is Recruitment Pipeline?

Recruitment pipelines refer to a visual representation of the steps in the hiring process. This can include sourcing, screening, interviewing, offering, and hiring. The pipeline allows recruiters and hiring managers to track the progress of each candidate, manage communications and feedback, and make informed decisions throughout the recruitment process.

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