Candidate Tracking

Track the candidates with an applicant tracking system and hire the best talent for your company.

Resume Parsing

Analyze, extract and store the resume data of candidates with a powerful resume parser.

Activity Tracking

Keep an eye on the candidate's activities to analyze better during the recruitment stages.

Job Management

Enjoy a seamless recruitment process by creating and posting jobs, adding candidates, and tracking candidate activities.

Career Portal

Leverage the features of an advanced career portal to make your potential candidates feel esteemed and attracted to your organization.

Workflow Management

Design and automate your workflows to manage the hiring process.

Import Candidates

Import many candidate profiles at once using CSV and Xls File formats.

Real-time Notifications

Send real-time notifications to the applicants and alert them about changes in their recruitments stages.


Automate all the tasks involved in the recruitment process by creating custom workflows.

Kanban Boards

Track and view job openings with kanban boards in card view through the various recruitment stages.

Unlimited Groups

Create and manage the entire recruitment process into groups based on custom categorization.

Visual Workflows

Design and build visually attractive custom workflows for a seamless recruitment process.

Email Templates

Send email notifications using custom templates in text or HTML format to provide updates to the applicants.

Custom Domain

Host the career page on your custom business domain to look professional and trustworthy.

Inbound Email Integration

Automate your inbound email service to receive emails from your candidates.

Custom Stages

Create custom hiring screening stages for candidates based on your job requirements.

Team Collaboration

Engage and collaborate with the entire organization by adding them to your workspace.


Get organized and detailed reports of candidates applied, vacancies filled, and jobs posted.