Domain Customization

to recruit using business domain

Host the career page on your custom business domain to look professional and trustworthy.

Domain Customization

Use Custom Domain For Recruitment

Replace your unbranded career page URL with a custom business domain to amend your digital identity.

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recaptcha authentication

reCAPTCHA Authentication

Verify user's identity and protect websites from malicious bots and automated programs. Assists in ensuring that only authorized users have access to the website.

url customization

URL Customization

Customize domain URLs, allowing users to access the page with a personalized URL that looks unique, professional, and recognizable.

app-level customization

App-level Customization

Allow hiring managers to customize career pages at the app level, enabling them to recruit more effectively.

department-level customization

Department-level Customization

Customize the career page and post the jobs at the department level, allowing recruiters to better track and analyze the recruitment process for each department.

What is Domain Customization?

Domain Customization enables organisations to have a unique URL link to their website so that job candidates can digitally identify the organization. It will impart a sense of trustworthiness, and applicants will feel confident to share their information.

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