Kanban Board

to visualize recruitment stages in the kanban view

Represents a stage in the recruitment process, such as applied, shortlisted, assessed, interviewed, on hold, and offered, allowing recruiters to track each candidate's application's progress through the recruitment process.

Kanban Board

Visualize, Prioritize, and Hire the Best Talent with Kanban Board

Track progress over time and measure the effectiveness of the recruitment

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drag and drop pipeline

Drag and Drop Pipeline

Drag and drop the candidate's profile onto the next stage and monitor every step from beginning to finish using Kanban project management.

click to update stage

Click to Update Stage

Click the "like" button to take the applicant to the next step, and tap "dislike" to disqualify the applicant.

track applications

Track Applications

Find out how many applicants have submitted applications, been shortlisted or interviewed, hired or rejected on the upper-right side of the screen.

evaluate candidate details

Evaluate Candidate Details

Inspect a candidate’s details with a slide-out window, evaluate the resume, and alter the pipeline stage.

What is Kanban Boards?

A Kanban board is a visual tool that helps track and monitor the progress of a recruitment process. It is a visual representation of the recruitment workflow that depicts various stages of a candidate's application through the recruitment process, such as applied, shortlisted, assessed, interviewed, on hold, and offered. Recruiters can also use the board to track the status of each application, quickly identify bottlenecks, and quickly get an overview of the entire recruitment process.

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