Candidate Management

to store and manage applicant information

Simplify and accelerate the recruitment process, making it easier for organizations to find and hire the best candidates for open positions.

Candidate Management

Find Your Perfect Fit with Candidate Management Solutions

Capture all relevant information about the candidate and make a collective decision to hire.

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simple user interface

Simple User Interface

Obtain complete candidate information in one place, making it easier for hiring professionals to track and manage candidates.

candidate layout

Candidate Layout

Utilize the various views, such as List, Kanban & Group, to organize candidates and recruitment details quickly.

drag and drop pipelines

Drag and Drop Pipelines

Allow recruiters to advance candidates through the stages, set reminders, and view any notes or comments associated with each applicant.

resume parser

Resume Parser

Extract information from resumes and automatically populate candidate profiles in the system, reducing manual data entry.



Send assessment links and contact forms to potential candidates by integrating with NinjaInterview and

email logs

Email Logs

Keep track of all email activities and stay organized. Learn about the status of emails sent to applicants, including whether they were opened, clicked, or responded to.

What is Candidate Management?

Candidate management in recruitment software refers to the various tools and processes that help organizations effectively manage and organize information related to job applicants. This includes tasks such as posting job openings, tracking resumes and applications, scheduling interviews, communicating with applicants, maintaining notes and feedback, and making hiring decisions.

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