Unlimited Departments

to facilitate recruitment across departments

Create and manage multiple departments or organizational units within the system, allowing employers to better organize the recruitment data, track applicants, and streamline the hiring process.

Unlimited Departments

Revolutionize the Recruitment Space With Unlimited Departments

Customize the recruitment process and access candidate data for each department

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department creation

Department Creation

Add name, description, and members to tailor the recruitment process to the needs of each department.

customized hiring

Customized Hiring

Make the recruitment process more accessible by adding candidates and jobs related to the specific department.

add attractive icons

Add Attractive Icons

Utilize customized icons to pique the recruiter's interest and make the interface visually appealing and simple to use.

add candidates

Add Candidates

Add or import your candidates from different sources for easier and quicker assessment.

search candidates

Search Candidates

Search candidates by job titles, application source, and designation in respective groups.

What is Unlimited Departments?

The Unlimited Departments feature allows employers to create and manage multiple departments within their organization. This feature helps employers organize their recruitment data, track applicants, and streamline the hiring process. It also allows them to easily assign and reassign applicants to the right departments.

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