ATS Software

to keep track of each candidate is in the hiring process

Assist recruiters quickly identifying the best-suited candidates for open positions and provides valuable insights into the recruitment process, which help employers make more informed decisions while hiring.

ATS Software

Implement ATS Software to Increase Efficiency in Your Recruiting

Provides employers with a comprehensive view of the hiring process and the ability to quickly identify any bottlenecks in the process. This increases visibility and allows employers to make adjustments to the process to improve efficiency.

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drag and drop candidates

Drag and Drop Candidates

Allows employers to easily and quickly sort through potential job applicants and select their preferred candidates.

click to update stage

Click to Update Stage

Know who has applied, interviewed, hired, on hold, or rejected with kanban project management software and make the recruitment process more accessible.

create automated flows

Create Automated Flows

Add trigger name, select call flow, and create an automated flow to outline the steps it takes to bring new employees into your organization.

What is an ATS Software ?

Applicant Tracking streamlines and makes the recruitment process easier for recruiters. It sources and screens thousands of resumes from applicants and helps hire candidates suitable for the job opening. Apart from short-listing applicants, it also stores specific standout details of candidates and manages them in one interface.

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