Real-time Notifications

to alert applicants in real-time

Send real-time notifications to the applicants and alert them about changes in their recruitments stages.

Real-time Notifications

Update the Candidates in Real-time Notifications About Recruitment

Engage with Real-time notifications for every candidate in real-time by sending them instant updates on the recruitment process.

real time notifications leave note
automated messages

Automated Messages

Real-time notifications uses pre-written messages and emails to provide your candidates with up-to-date information.

screening stage alerts

Screening stage alerts

Give the messages to applicants whenever there is a change in their screening stages automatically in real-time.

provide result alerts

Provide Result Alerts

Post the recruitment results instantly to the candidates once they are selected, rejected, or pipelined for the Job.

What are Real-time Notifications?

With real-time notification, you can send push-up notifications and automated messages so that your workforce is always up-to-date with details of every event. It will save time and improve the overall speed of the recruitment process.

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