Workflow Management

to create and optimize automated flows

Design and automate your workflows to manage the hiring process.

Workflow Management

Flexible Workflow Management With ATS

Create customized workflows and let the recruitment process run in the background the way you want.

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build custom workflows

Build Custom Workflows

Create custom flows for your firm's recruitment process.

notify applicants

Notify Applicants

Send automated notifications for events such as short-listed candidates, interview updates, rejections, offer letters, etc.

trigger-based workflows

Trigger-Based Workflows

Create workflows based on triggers such as when a new candidate is added, a new job is created, or a stage is changed.

check stage

Check Stage

Keep track of applicants at each stage and send automated notifications throughout the hiring process.

What is Workflow Management?

With more candidates at your disposal, the company needs to manage them and their existing teams so that the efficiency of the work improves. The workflow management feature allows you to create and optimize paths of completing any recruitment process. As all the tasks are monitored, and a management discipline is implemented, better results are achieved.

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