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Manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process smoothly from a single, easy-to-use interface and improve recruiter productivity.

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best applicant tracking system

Candidate Management

Streamline and automate the recruitment process to help organisations find and hire the best candidates for open positions.

candidate management
simple user interface

Simple User Interface

View complete candidate information at one place, making it easier to for hiring staff to track and mange the candidates.

candidate layout

Candidate Layout

Employ different views, such as list, kanban, and group, to organize candidates and hiring details.

drag and drop pipelines

Drag and Drop Pipelines

Enable recruiters to move candidates between stages, set reminders, and view any notes or comments associated with each applicant.

resume parser

Resume Parser

Extracts information from resumes and populates candidate profiles automatically, reducing manual data entry and speeding up the recruitment process.



Integrate NinjaInterview and to send potential candidates assessment links and contact us forms.

email logs

Email Logs

Stay organized by tracking your complete email activities. Learn about the status of emails sent to applicants, such as whether they were opened, clicked, or responded to.

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Job Management

Identify vacancies and create job openings with a detailed description and requirements. Kick-start and manage an effective recruitment process.

job management
create jobs

Create Jobs

Create jobs multiple job openings in a few clicks. Add job titles, descriptions, type, the number of open positions, and more.

career page

Career Page

Make candidates' job searching and application process seamless with a dynamically built career page. Candidates can easily apply for the listed job postings using the career page.

scrape data

Scrape Data

Obtain candidate profiles from LinkedIn based on job title and location. Assists recruiters in finding the best candidates for open positions.

post jobs

Post Jobs

Reach out to potential candidates and job seekers by automatically posting jobs on sites like LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed, and Wellfound.

inbound email

Inbound Email

Configure with Gmail and receive job applications from potential candidates with inbound email settings.

add candidates

Add Candidates

Add candidates by filling out crucial details, including name, email address, contact number, total experience, etc.

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Resume Parsing

Analyze, extract and store the resume data of candidates with a powerful resume parser.

resume parsing
upload resume

Upload Resume

Allows recruiters to upload a candidate's resume or CV in doc, and pdf file formats to extract critical information and populate candidate fields.

data mapping

Data Mapping

Important candidate information such as name, email address, phone number, and skills are automatically extracted. By selecting the Add option, you can update candidate fields.

Find out more about Resume Parsing

Career Portal

Establish an esteemed recruitment process and an effective communication system with an advanced career portal.

career portal
search with job title

Search With Job Title

Allow applicants to search for jobs posted by you on the career page.

apply on career page

Apply on Career Page

Facilitate candidates to apply to jobs listed on the career portal.

display job specifics

Display Job Specifics

Include detailed job posting descriptions and display them to applicants.

location-based filters

Location-Based Filters

Search for jobs on the career page using location filters to narrow down your search.

Find out more about Career Portal

Workflow Management

Design your flows to automate your hiring process. Automation flows can send email notifications for events such as shortlisted candidates, interview updates, rejection emails, offer letters, and many more.

workflow management
build custom workflows

Build Custom Workflows

Create custom flows for your firm's recruitment process.

notify applicants

Notify Applicants

Send automated notifications for events such as short-listed candidates, interview updates, rejections, offer letters, etc.

trigger-based workflows

Trigger-Based Workflows

Create workflows based on triggers such as when a new candidate is added, a new job is created, or a stage is changed.

check stage

Check Stage

Track applicants and send automated notifications at each stage of the hiring process.

Find out more about Workflow Management

Import Candidates

Import numerous candidate profiles from several prominent platforms at once using CSV and XLS file formats.

import candidates
bulk upload

Bulk Upload

Allows recruiters to upload candidates up to 5000 in doc, and pdf file formats. Extract relevant information to automatically populate the candidate fields.

linkedin scrapping

LinkedIn Scrapping

Obtain candidate profiles from LinkedIn based on job title and location. Assists recruiters in finding the best candidates for open positions.

validate rules

Validate Rules

Make sure all data fields meet the prerequisites prior to importing candidates.

Find out more about Import Candidates

Real-time Notifications

Alert candidates about recruitment updates via email and text message to keep them informed and reduce the need for recruiters to follow-up manually.

real-time notifications


Configure Gmail and Twilio to send candidates instant notifications via email and SMS about changes in the hiring pipeline stages.

screening stage alerts

Screening Stage Alerts

Send real-time notifications to candidates whenever there is a change in their hiring stage.

Find out more about Real-time Notifications


Create streamlined workflows from real-time email communication to sorting profiles for automating your entire hiring process.

create webhooks

Create Webhooks

Select trigger name, add call URL and create a webhook to facilitate instant web notifications every time an event occurs in RecruitHire.

create flows

Create Flows

Add trigger name, select call flow, and create an automated flow to outline the steps it takes to bring new employees into your organization.

use nodes

Use Nodes

Use nodes to build custom flows for your firm's recruitment process. Automate everything from sending notifications to scheduling triggers for the events.

send notifications

Send Notifications

Send updates to applicants and third parties when a specific action is triggered, such as when a candidate stage is changed or a new candidate or job is added.

Find out more about Automations

Kanban Board

Track each candidate's application through the recruitment process, which includes stages such as applied, shortlisted, assessed, interviewed, on hold, and offered.

kanban board
drag and drop pipeline

Drag and Drop Pipeline

Make the recruitment process overwhelming with cards/tiles located in the Kanban (view) Boards. These tiles indicate where the candidates are currently (i.e., Interview, Applied, Hired, Rejected).

click to update stage

Click to Update Stage

Tap "like" to advance the applicant to the next stage, and "dislike" to disqualify the applicant.

track applications

Track Applications

View the number of applicants who applied, shortlisted, interviewed, hired, or rejected on the upper-right side of the screen.

evaluate candidate details

Evaluate Candidate Details

Examine a candidate's information with a slide-out window, review the resume, and change the pipeline stage.

Find out more about Kanban Board

Unlimited Departments

Set up multiple departments to customise the hiring process to the needs of the department.

unlimited departments
department creation

Department Creation

Add title, description, and members to best suit the recruitment process to the needs of each department.

customized hiring

Customized Hiring

Add candidates and jobs associated with the particular department and make the recruitment process more accessible.

add attractive icons

Add Attractive Icons

Make the interface eye-catchy and easily manageable with customized icons stimulating the recruiter's interest.

add candidates

Add Candidates

Add or import your candidates from different sources for easier and quicker assessment.

search candidates

Search Candidates

Search candidates by job titles, application source, and designation in respective departments.

Find out more about Unlimited Departments

Visual Workflows

Design workflows to automate the hiring process and send out automated notifications as candidates advance through the recruitment pipeline.

visual workflows
design flows

Design Flows

Utilize nodes to build custom flows for your firm's recruitment process. Automate everything from sending notifications to scheduling triggers for the events.

create automation

Create Automation

Add trigger name, choose call flow, and create an automated flow to outline the steps required to bring in new employees.

notify applicants

Notify Applicants

Send automatic email and SMS notifications as applicant progress through the recruitment pipeline by authenticating Gmail and Twilio.

Find out more about Visual Workflows

Custom Stages

Create custom hiring screening stages for candidates based on your job requirements.

custom stages
add stages

Add Stages

Add up to 12 stages with types, including screening calls, assessment tests, background checks, etc.

change stage type

Change Stage Type

Make changes to the stage types as the hiring progresses and host another in-person interview or assessment test.

segmenting pipelines

Segmenting Pipelines

Segment and edit multiple pipelines according to job requirements and specify the location or department for that stage.

Find out more about Custom Stages

Email Templates

Send email notifications to the applicants at every stage of the hiring process with customizable email templates.

email templates
customizable templates

Customizable Templates

Construct email templates using HTML format to include questionnaires, graphics, different style fonts, and text to the email.

merge fields

Merge Fields

Personalize your emails with the recipient's name, job title, and location to stand out from the competition and increase reach.

html embed

HTML Embed

Create visually appealing emails by including HTML content such as images, videos, job posting links, and forms.

Find out more about Email Templates

Custom Fields

Allow hiring managers and recruiters to customise the ATS to their needs and gain a complete picture of each candidate and job.

custom fields
add labels

Add Labels

Gather comprehensive hiring information about the candidates and jobs by adding additional data fields.

define field properties

Define Field Properties

Ensure the validity of data by defining the field values, such as a text string or a number, as well as the length of the field and whether the field is mandatory or not.

Find out more about Custom Fields


Based on factors such as skills, experience, education, location, and more, narrow your search results to fit the desired candidates for each job.

candidate filters

Candidate Filters

Filter an extensive number of applicants based on the recruitment requirements such as skills, experience, education, location, and more.

job filters

Job Filters

Filter the jobs by the number of openings, status, hiring managers, pipeline, and due dates for an easy recruitment workflow.

saved filters

Saved Filters

Create and save field combinations to search for an applicant list with similar skill values or to search for applicants in the same recruitment process.

Find out more about Filters

Intuitive Dashboard

Provides a user-friendly interface for recruiters to access essential information about their hiring processes, such as job openings, applications, candidate pipelines, and more.

intuitive dashboard
real-time data visualization

Real-time Data Visualization

Obtain relevant hiring data analytics to assist recruiters with the most up-to-date information on the number of active jobs, openings, candidates, and applicants.



Apply filters to search by dates and jobs to quickly identify data related to the number of jobs and candidates.

Find out more about Intuitive Dashboard

App Integrations

Streamline the hiring pipeline, and get the best workforce for your organization by seamlessly connecting your favorite tools.

app integrations
gmail integration

Gmail Integration

Integrate with Gmail to sync candidate data and send emails efficiently to potential candidates according to the flow in the hiring pipelines.

twilio integration

Twilio Integration

Enables hiring staff to communicate with candidates automatically through SMS and voice calls, reducing manual effort.

recaptcha integration

reCAPTCHA Integration

Ensure that the job portal has the quality and legitimate applications by reducing spam and fake applications.

Find out more about App Integrations

Recruitment Pipelines

Allows recruiters to monitor the candidate's progress through the entire hiring process, from initial contact to hire.

recruitment pipelines
customizable pipeline

Customizable Pipeline

Create highly customizable pipelines according to the needs of your hiring process to track each stage of the candidate.

default pipelines

Default Pipelines

Consists of system-generated default pipelines which include the various phases that the candidate goes through new, interview rounds, on-hold, hired, or rejected.

Find out more about Recruitment Pipelines

Domain Customization

Host the career page on your custom business domain to look professional and trustworthy.

domain customization
recaptcha authentication

reCAPTCHA Authentication

Protect websites from malicious bots and automated programs by verifying users' identities. Assists in ensuring that only authorized users can access the website.

url customization

URL Customization

Customize domain URLs so that users can access the page with a unique, professional, and easily recognizable URL.

app-level customization

App-level Customization

Enable hiring managers to customize the career page at app level, allowing the business more flexibility and customization options for the recruitment process.

department-level customization

Department-level Customization

Personalize the career page and post jobs at the department level to enable recruiters to better track and analyze the recruitment process for each department.

Find out more about Domain Customization

Inbound Email Integration

Integrate your email provider with RecruitHire inbound URL to automate inbound email service and store all the job applications on one platform.

inbound email integration
receive candidate's emails

Receive Candidate's Emails

Get the applicant's email directly to your inbox whenever someone applies to your job post.

email configuration

Email Configuration

Automate and simplify email-related tasks and processes, allowing recruiters and other stakeholders to more efficiently manage and respond to incoming emails.

email parsing

Email Parsing

Extract candidate-relevant information from incoming emails and automatically save it to candidate's profile within the software.

Find out more about Inbound Email Integration

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