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Easily manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface and improve recruiter productivity.

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best applicant tracking system

Candidate Tracking

Build your organization's talent pool with ATS tracking of candidate tracking and experience future-proof hiring.

candidate tracking
shortlist candidates

Shortlist Candidates

Search the applications received as per your preferences based on job title, skills, job type, experience, and shortlist the candidates to schedule the interview.

profile overview

Profile Overview

Inspect candidate details after clicking on the candidate name. Add notes, check attachments, and preview their resume.

add notes

Add Notes

Add important notes to a candidate profile and make the hiring process later.

manage candidates

Manage Candidates

View candidate activities, skills, and other details and change screening stages as they progress in the hiring process.

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Job Management

Ensure a fair and effective recruitment process. Create job openings and post them easily on the career portal.

job management
career page

Career Page

Make candidates' job searching and application process seamless with a dynamically built career page. Candidates can easily apply for the listed job postings using the career page.

create jobs

Create Jobs

Create jobs multiple job openings in a few clicks. Add job titles, descriptions, type, the number of open positions, and more.

simple user interface

Simple User Interface

Manage all job openings with a simple interface and track the number of applications for a particular job post.

add candidates

Add Candidates

Add candidates by filling out crucial details, including name, email address, contact number, total experience, and more.

upload resumes

Upload Resumes

Add resumes of candidates in various file formats.

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Design your flows to automate your hiring process. Automation flows can send email notifications for events such as Short-listed candidates, Interview updates, Rejection E-mails, Offer details and many more.

create webhooks

Create Webhooks

Select trigger name, add call URL, and create a webhook to facilitate instant web notifications every time an event occurs in RecruitHire.

create flows

Create Flows

Add trigger name, select call flow, and create an automated flow to outline the steps it takes to bring new employees into your organization.

use nodes

Use Nodes

Use nodes to build custom flows for your firm's recruitment process. Automate everything from sending notifications to scheduling triggers for the events.

design the flow

Design the Flow

Create your flows and attach them to candidates. Design flows that reflect the recruitment process and make it easier for candidates to understand.

Find out more about Automation

Kanban Boards

Fill the job positions efficiently with Kanban Board Management of Recruithire to be a better recruiter.

kanban boards
drag and drop candidates

Drag and Drop Candidates

Make the recruitment process overwhelming with cards/tiles located in the Kanban (view) Boards. These tiles indicate where the candidates are currently at (i.e., Interview, Applied, Hired, Rejected).

click to update stage

Click to Update Stage

Know who has applied, interviewed, hired, on hold, or rejected with kanban project management software and make the recruitment process easier than ever before.

track applications

Track Applications

Get to know about the applicant’s basic information through cards/tiles, no need to go somewhere else! Everything on one page ( i.e., full name, years of experience, email id, mobile, etc).

evaluate candidate details

Evaluate Candidate Details

To personalize your recruitment process, create groups and add individuals to them.

Find out more about Kanban Boards

Resume Parsing

Analyze, extract and store the resume data of candidates with a powerful resume parser.

resume parsing
analyze resumes

Analyze Resumes

Extract and classify resumes with resume parsing to ensure that candidates are hired in your organization.

resume parser mapping

Resume Parser Mapping

Use resume parser mapping to standardize and align the parsed resume in the structure of your choice.

import field

Import Field

Spend less time and energy in manually segregating resumes. Let resume parser import fields and structure the resumes.

fast and accurate

Fast and Accurate

Parse bulk resumes through our resume parser and get accurate results in no time.

Find out more about Resume Parsing

Unlimited Groups

Create and manage the entire recruitment process into groups based on custom categorization.

unlimited groups
easy group creation

Easy Group Creation

Add group title, name, description, and members to create category-based groups.

group customization

Group Customization

Add candidates and jobs associated with the particular department and make the recruitment process more accessible than ever before.

attractive icons

Attractive Icons

Make the interface eye-catchy and easily manageable with customized icons stimulating the recruiter's interest.

add candidates

Add Candidates

Add or import your candidates from different sources for easier and quicker assessment.

search candidates

Search Candidates

Search candidates by job titles, application source, and designation in respective groups.

Find out more about Unlimited Groups

Workflow Management

Design your flows to automate your hiring process. Automation flows can send email notifications for events such as Short-listed candidates, Interview updates, Rejection E-mails,Offer details and many more...

workflow management
build custom workflows

Build Custom Workflows

Create custom flows for your firm's recruitment process.

notify applicants

Notify Applicants

Send automated notifications for events such as short-listed candidates, interview updates, rejections, offer letters, etc.

trigger-based workflows

Trigger-Based Workflows

Create workflows based on triggers such as when a new candidate is added, a new job is created, or a stage is changed.

check hiring pipeline stages

Check Hiring Pipeline Stages

Facilitate yourself to add hiring pipeline stages in workflows and check them later.

Find out more about Workflow Management

Career Portal

Leverage the features of an advanced career portal to make your potential candidates feel esteemed and attracted to your organization.

career portal
search with job title

Search With Job Title

Allow applicants to search for jobs posted by you on the career page.

apply on career page

Apply on Career Page

Allow candidates to apply to jobs listed on the career portal.

showcase full details

Showcase Full Details

Add detailed descriptions regarding job postings and showcase them to the applicants.

location-based filters

Location-Based Filters

Search for jobs on the career page based on location filters.

Find out more about Career Portal

Visual Workflows

An applicant tracking system with a visual workflow system to allow to build every aspect of the workflow visually for easy implementation of any project.

visual workflows
build flows with nodes

Build Flows With Nodes

Use nodes to build custom flows for your firm's recruitment process. Automate everything from sending notifications to scheduling triggers for the events.

create automated flows

Create Automated Flows

Add trigger name, select call flow, and create an automated flow to outline the steps it takes to bring new employees into your organization.

design flows

Design Flows

Create visually attractive flows and attach them to candidates. Design flows that reflect the recruitment process and make it easier for candidates to understand.

trigger-based workflows

Trigger-Based Workflows

Create workflows based on triggers such as when a new candidate is added, a new job is created, or a stage is changed.

Find out more about Visual Workflows

Activity Tracking

An applicant tracking system with tools to track and keep a check on the activity of each candidate.

activity tracking
real-time tracking

Real-time Tracking

Enable screen, webcam, and mic recording to monitor the devices and work of the candidates.

custom alerts

Custom Alerts

Send custom messages, pre-set alerts, and instructions to the candidate’s screen and manage them remotely.

progress & budget reports

Progress & Budget Reports

Get Detailed Reports of how the job is getting done and actual budget implications to adjust the goals and manage workload to complete the project.

activity logs

Activity Logs

Get logs of the time taken by every recruit on tasks, and figure out the tasks that aren’t contributing and plan better.

Find out more about Activity Tracking

Real-time Notifications

Send real-time notifications to the applicants and alert them about changes in their recruitments stages.

real-time notifications
automated messages

Automated Messages

Use pre-written messages and emails to provide your candidates with up-to-date information.

screening stage alerts

Screening stage alerts

Send custom messages, pre-set alerts, and instructions to the candidate’s screen and manage them remotely.

provide result alerts

Provide Result Alerts

Post the recruitment results instantly to the candidates once they are selected, rejected, or pipelined for the Job.

Find out more about Real-time Notifications

Email Templates

Send email notifications using custom templates in text or HTML format to provide updates to the applicants

email templates
embedded forms

Embedded Forms

Allow applicants to fill up their information on the forms embedded in emails. Embed Questionnaires to access the knowledge of the applicant.

creative templates

Creative Templates

Create creative templates using custom HTML format to include questionnaires, graphics, different style fonts, and text to the email.

include email signature

Include Email Signature

Amend your professional emails with brand signature, Name, and Designation to look professional.

implant hyperlinks

Implant Hyperlinks

Add hyperlinks to the emails to direct the receiver to your business website or other important landing pages.

Find out more about Email Templates

Custom Domain

Host the career page on your custom business domain to look professional and trustworthy.

custom domain
add ssl support

Add SSL Support

Establish a secure connection between your business server and the applicant's browser using SSL-enabled custom domains.

subdomain support

Subdomain Support

Use subdomains of your business domain to host the career page without affecting the primary domain website.

maintain digital identity

Maintain Digital Identity

Keep your digital identity alive with your brand's domain URL and strengthen applicants' trust.

dynamic content update

Dynamic Content update

Get the landing page content updated dynamically on your domain through the RecruitHire Job management board.

Find out more about Custom Domain

Inbound Email Integration

Automate your inbound email service to receive emails from your candidates.

inbound email integration
receive candidate's emails

Receive candidate's Emails

Get the applicant's email directly to your inbox whenever someone applies to your job post.

centralized console

Centralized Console

Keep and manage all your workforce messages from your centralized mail service dashboard.

reply through email

Reply through Email

Respond to applicants' emails from outside your organization using your inbound email directly.

Find out more about Inbound Email Integration

Custom Stages

Create custom hiring screening stages for candidates based on your job requirements.

custom stages
add stages

Add Stages

Add up to 12 stages with types, including screening calls, assessment tests, background checks, etc.

reorder stages

Reorder Stages

Edit a pipeline to drag & drop stages and reorder them as per the hiring requirements.

change stage type

Change Stage Type

Make changes to the stage types as the hiring progresses and host another in-person interview or assessment test.

segmenting pipelines

Segmenting Pipelines

Segment and edit multiple pipelines according to job requirements and specify the location or department for that stage.

Find out more about Custom Stages

Import Candidates

Import a large number of candidate profiles at once using CSV, Xls File formats.

import candidates
import via email address

Import via Email address

Add candidates to your talent pool directly through their basic information.

bulk upload cvs

Bulk Upload CVs

Manage and import up to 5000 candidates' CVs in one go from supported file formats such as csv, .xls, etc.

linkedin recruiter integration

LinkedIn Recruiter Integration

With integrated LinkedIn recruiter tools, you can import an applicant's profile directly to RecruitHire from LinkedIn.

recruitee’s sourcing extension

Recruitee’s Sourcing Extension

Use sourcing extension to identify profiles across various platforms like GitHub, Dribbble, Facebook, and other platforms.

Find out more about Import Candidates

Team Collaboration

Engage and collaborate with the entire organization by adding them to your workspace.

team collaboration
reduce workload

Reduce Workload

Lessen your stress by adding more team members to your workspace and collaborating with them for the hiring process.

private channels

Private Channels

Manage access permissions and keep your workspace data secure from members outside the group.

streamline hiring

Streamline hiring

With the help of your team members, you can make the recruitments process smooth and less tiring.

Find out more about Team Collaboration


An applicant tracking system with detailed reports of candidates, work, and other assessments.

manage, share reports

Manage, Share Reports

Create custom reports and share them with different groups or members to further evaluate the hiring process.

analyze current data

Analyze current data

Analyze the current recruitment stats, including the number of vacancies, jobs posted, and hiring rate.

draft plan

Draft Plan

Easily draft future hiring plans based on the current performance.

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What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps recruiters collect, organize, and track candidates through the hiring process. For organizations with a large workforce and employee strength, candidates hiring at frequent intervals are normal. That's when an applicant tracking system comes into play.

What are the Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an integrated technology solution that streamlines recruiting, hiring, and management of employees. Learn more about the benefits of an ATS, including cost savings and increased productivity.

How An Applicant Tracking System Works

The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is built to run through a resumes collection automatically. The software filters out the few likely candidates so that the recruiter can manually evaluate them before interviewing them.

What Is Applicant Tracking System Software?

Applicant tracking systems are designed to help human resources professionals ensure quality control over their recruitment process.

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An applicant tracking system can streamline your hiring process by managing your recruitment pipeline in one easy-to-use platform.

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