Workflow Automation

to configure actions for every stage

Standardize and simplify the hiring process by developing custom flows. Set trigger actions and send alerts to applicants automatically.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automations That Cover All Recruitment Scenarios

Create workflows based on triggers such as when a new candidate is added, a new job is created, or a stage is changed.

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create webhooks

Create Webhooks

Select trigger name, add call URL, and create a webhook to facilitate instant web notifications every time an event occurs in RecruitHire.

create flows

Create Flows

Add trigger name, select call flow, and create an automated flow to outline the steps it takes to bring new employees into your organization.

use nodes

Use Nodes

Use nodes to build custom flows for your firm's recruitment process. Automate everything from sending notifications to scheduling triggers for the events with workflow automations.

send notifications

Send Notifications

Notify applicants and third parties when a specific action occurs, like a change in candidate stage or the addition of a new candidate or job.

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow Automation is a key feature in applicant tracking software (ATS) that helps to build custom flows and send automatic notifications to candidates based on trigger actions. This technology automates repetitive tasks, allowing HR professionals and recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks and make better use of their time.

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