The word ATS or applicant tracking system is a term common with firms and organizations. However, most companies have not been able to maximize the use of the applicant tracking tool for their benefit. While some companies are ignorant of the benefits of the applicant tracking tool, others are lackluster towards the use of the ATS software at their disposal. This guide will be talking about the purpose of the applicant tracking tool and how your company can use it to its advantage.

What Is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is software for organizations looking to hire staff. The ATS software helps with the organization and classification of candidates. The applicant tracking tool uses automation to filter the best and most eligible candidates for a job position. This saves the company the time of going through thousands of irrelevant responses to a job offer.

The ATS software gives its user the benefits of submitting feedback to candidates. The applicant tracking tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to arrange and sort out resumes while using keywords for data analysis.

The Benefits of Using an ATS

The applicant tracking tool comes with many benefits. This software increases the efficiency of a company, increasing the work rate and process involved in recruitment.

Quicker Hiring Time

The applicant tracking system helps in increasing the speed of hiring new candidates. If your organization brings a total of over 20 new employees in a working year, the applicant tracking software can help you attract a larger audience of candidates while maintaining the quality of candidates being invited for a job position.

Prevents Understaffing

In an organization, it is important to fill up vacant positions as soon as possible. If the process of hiring new staff becomes too extended, the company becomes understaffed, this affects the productivity of an organization in all ramifications.

The applicant tracking system can help your company quickly fill up vacant positions within your organization. Instead of watching your organization lose the quality of services provided by overworking the remaining staff, The applicant tracking tool can help you meet your quota of staff needed and generally improve the quality of work.

Screening Applicants

The process of screening applications at times can be a herculean task, especially when you have to deal with a large chunk of unqualified applicants. The time spent on filtering away unqualified candidates can be used for more productive tasks if your organization implements the use of an applicant tracking system in its work culture.

Improves the Quality of Candidates Hired

The ats tracker has been programmed with a sort filter that can improve the quality of candidates to be hired by an organization. The tracker has been designed in a way that certain applicants that fail to meet a particular standard automatically get weeded out. This allows only the best candidates to apply for specific roles in a job opening.

Social Media Recruitment

The applicant tracking system can easily be integrated into your organization's media account and automate job posting through your media accounts. This gives your company more reach to audiences that are interested in working with the company.

Easy Application Process

The ATS software makes it easy for interested applicants in a job posting to apply for jobs. If the process of application is difficult, most candidates will move on to something less tasking. If this happens, the possibility of losing a top candidate is quite high. The ATS software makes it easy for applicants to apply with their necessary documentation without any trouble.

Use an ATS to Your Company’s Advantage

How To Use an ATS to Your Company’s Advantage

The ats system can be used to the advantage of companies and organizations. If you are finding it difficult to give your company the edge it needs, here is how you can use the Applicant tracking system to your company's advantage.

Data Analysis for Better Branding

The ATS tracker can be used to gather data about your company and give better analysis on how to strategize for better branding. The ATS software keeps track of the number of staff you have hired, their progress, and potential. This is important for landing big prospects for your company.

Better Social Networking

The data collected by the ATS software can be used to network better socially. The social media platforms can be harnessed to launch campaigns and services your company has to offer. Integrating the ats tracker with your social media accounts can help your organization get automatic updates on the number of followers you have. This opens the window for more people to understand what your company does and apply for positions in them.


One of the perks of the ATS software is mobility. Before the advent of modern technology, meeting hiring managers when they are out of the office or on vacation was a huge barrier to the application process. These days, with the applicant tracking tool, it is easy to set up meetings anywhere. This mobility allows HR personnel to vet candidates and give responses immediately regardless of where they are.

Getting the Most Out of an ATS

If your company is not making the best of your ATS software, here are some tips on how to make the most of the applicant tracking system.

Staff Training

Learning about the ATS software is a continuous process. Basic knowledge can be shared during the first week of installation. However, to get the best of the ATS software, staff need to be trained and retrained about every feature and process of the ATS software.

System Update

The ATS platform keeps changing from time to time. Features that are compatible with social media and mobile functions are constantly being updated. To get the best out of your ATS software it is important to stay updated with these system updates.

Use the Power of Automation

The applicant tracking tool has features that can be automated to set up responses, candidate tracking, and candidate categorization among a host of other features. To get the best of the ats software implement these automated processes and you will have a more productive time assessing the talent pool in the market.


The ats software is one of the fastest ways to scale up your company's brand. The functionality of the ats tracking tool can be leveraged to hire the best talent for your company. NinjaInterview by 500apps is the best ATS software to help your business scale up. Visit to get the best offer.

What Makes the Best Applicant Tracking System?
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