An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a crucial HR tool in today's competitive environment. When your company advertises job openings, hundreds of applicants will want to apply for these positions. Evaluating all these candidates manually is a tedious process. The good news is that applicant assessment can be automated. An applicant tracker is a tool that streamlines most hiring and recruitment activities to ensure that hiring managers and employers can focus more on other demanding tasks. This tool can help you handle things like job board postings, interview tools, career site builders, email templates, analytics, and notifications.

Are You Looking for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Maybe you're looking for an applicant tracker because you've suddenly noticed that you're spending a lot on recruitment. It could be that your recruitment process has not been running as desired or that your team has been wasting time and in the end, hiring less qualified individuals. Some tell-tale signs you need an ats system are briefly discussed below.

Relying Heavily on Spreadsheets and Emails

We can all agree that hiring and recruiting isn't a simple process. But it can be even more challenging if you're constantly managing processes through spreadsheets and emails. Managing hundreds of applicants using these traditional tools makes the process even tougher. An ats tracker can help you organize data and simplify candidate data management.

Complicated Application Process

You might be using an HR tool that helps your team to spend less time and energy identifying and hiring people. However, your applicant tracking software should also help candidates find it easy to go through the application process. So, if your application process is lengthy and frustrating, this is clear that you need an application tracker.

The right tool will help you create appealing job posts and even allow applicants to send applications using smartphones. Candidates can customize the process only to fill in details relevant to them.

Not Getting Qualified Candidates in Your Pipeline

While you might be saving time in your recruitment process, if there's an instance where you later realize that your candidates aren't qualified, this tells you that you need an ats system. If you're not getting skilled professionals into your hiring pipeline, it's a sign that you need an advanced hiring and recruiting tool. Besides attracting many candidates, you also need to evaluate all the applicants to increase the quality of hires.

You Take Too Long to Hire

You might be looking for an applicant tracking system because you waste a lot of time hiring and recruiting. Given that it normally takes time to find the right people to hire, it can take longer when you're handling most HR processes manually. An ATS tracker can automate most activities, boost your ROI and enhance your hiring metrics.

If these are some of the things you're dealing with in your company, you need an ATS software that can switch things up and ensure you hire faster and better. Some of the ATS tools you should invest in are described below.

Are You Looking for an Applicant Tracking System

What Are the Best ATS of 2022?


RecruitHire is an all-in-one ATS solution, meaning the software has powerful functionalities that will help your HR and hiring managers to streamline the hiring process. The software uses machine learning to parse resumes. Therefore, you can filter the resumes and only move qualified candidates to the next hiring stage. It comes with an intuitive dashboard where you can monitor the hiring process from the beginning to the end. You can quickly point out any bottlenecks in the hiring process to speed things up.

This applicant tracker tool is also simplified since you can select the best profiles from the candidates' profiles. Since the tool enhances collaboration, you can add notes and share them with your hiring team. Another impressive aspect of the applicant tracker RecruitHire is that it has integrations and widgets to ease recruitment. You can integrate with other productivity apps to ensure that everything is done on a single platform. RecruitHire goes for only $14.99/month, giving you an option to choose between the Hosted or Cloud tier. Special features include:

  • Candidate tracking
  • Career portal
  • Real-time notifications
  • Resume parsing
  • Kanban boards
  • Activity tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Reports and analytics
  • Candidate management
  • Integrations


Manatal ATS is designed to transform your recruiting process. The tool keeps you in the loop regarding the varying hiring stages. It uses artificial intelligence to help the hiring team choose the best applicants for the job. Users can also customize the platform's structure to suit their application preferences. The onboarding process is also simplified with the Advanced Search feature of this applicant tracker. For the best features, users have to part with $35/month. Key features:

  • Social media recruiting
  • Automated candidate scoring
  • Quick keyword search
  • Resume management
  • AI-based recommendations
  • Integration with LinkedIn, MailChimp, and Gmail

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit ranks among the best applicant trackers due to its exceptional features. It helps HR professionals and recruiting managers to deal with everyday hiring challenges. With Zoho Recruit, you can identify, track, and hire qualified individuals to join your company. It automates specific admin tasks like emails, scheduling interviews, publishing to job boards, and generating custom reports. Pricing is slightly higher since the most basic package costs $25/month. Special features:

  • Powerful integrations
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Design pre-screening assessments
  • Career page
  • Resume parsing
  • Candidate tracking
  • AI-powered candidate matching
  • Workflow automation


JazzHR is an applicant tracker suited for internal hiring and staffing agencies. The tool speeds up hiring and ensures that your company finds only qualified candidates from a large pool of applicants. It's highly customizable. Therefore, the platform can be customized to fit your business hiring and recruiting needs. It allows for third-party integrations with LinkedIn, Monster, Salesforce, and other apps. Special features:

  • Employer branding
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Interviews and assessments
  • Custom workflows
  • Team collaboration
  • Quick screening
  • Email sync


BambooHR applicant software lets recruiters find and hire the best individuals suited for specific job openings. It automates most HR tasks and allows hiring teams to spend less time recruiting. The applicant tracker can quickly identify potential challenges in the hiring funnel. It has a good interface that provides you with all insights you need about the hiring process. Data is also stored securely in a single database, allowing collaboration and easy retrieval. Key features:

  • Email templates
  • Custom workflows
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Social media recruiting
  • Message scheduling
  • Quick approvals
  • Mobile app
  • Shareable job posting

What Features Do the Best ATS Have

What Features Do the Best ATS Have?

The top 5 applicant tracker tools should give you an idea of what you should expect when looking for an ATS system online. The best way to distinguish the best software from the rest is by looking at the unique features. A good solution should give you more functionality and ensure that most hiring and recruitment gaps are filled. Essential ATS features to look for include:

  • Customizable career portal
  • Collaboration tools
  • Third-party integrations
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Candidate search
  • Customization
  • Messaging
  • Email templates
  • Import candidates
  • Visual workflows

Why Should You Use an ATS?

Arguably, human capital is the most indispensable resource in your organization. Consequently, hiring the right people can make a huge difference in your company. Working with skilled individuals ensures that you can achieve your core business objectives. In the fast-paced digital space we live in today, an online applicant tracking system is just what you need to enhance the quality of hires in your company. Besides, an applicant tracker also increases efficiency and productivity. Your team will spend less time hiring and focus more on your set goals. So, it's worth investing in the best tool in the market.

How Can an ATS Help Your Small Business?

An applicant tracker will reduce the overall workload that your recruiting team has to deal with. Instead of hiring candidates using traditional pen and paper methods, ats software can streamline the process. From creating job postings and scheduling interviews to onboarding, an applicant solution can make it easier and more efficient for your hiring team to bring the best people to take your business to the next level.

Now you know what to look for when selecting an applicant tracker. These tools come recommended because they have the outstanding features that your company needs to simplify hiring and recruiting. If you're still unsure of the right ATS system, we recommend using RecruitHire by 500apps. The software developers have released other amazing productivity tools, including crm, team chat software, employee tracking system, and more.

What Makes the Best Applicant Tracking System?
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