ATS software, or Applicant Tracking System software, is a software solution that helps you analyze applications to determine the most qualified person. Applicant Tracking Systems leverage modern technologies to automate the recruiting process and help provide consistent hiring standards. As a result, companies employing these systems in today's job market are getting excellent results, resulting in improved employer satisfaction and decreased turnover.

As a recruiter, we know that your ats software needs to be tailored to your needs. This is why, in this article, we'll explore the major features that recruiters everywhere agree should be in an HR ATS software. In addition, we also explore some excellent benefits of including online ATS software in your hiring process.

What are The Benefits of Using Ats Software?

HR ATS software offers many advantages in streamlining companies' recruiting processes. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Speeds up the recruitment process

ATS software reduces the time spent on several administrative tasks related to hiring. With top ATS software, you can automate job posting, applicant testing, and grading and interact with applicants more quickly. With asynchronous interviews, ats tracker eliminates the need for several candidates to visit your company. This saves your company a lot of work and time scheduling and organizing physical interviews. With asynchronous interviews, you spend less time on less promising prospects, optimizing your hiring process.

And with task automation, you can get through to the top talent faster, allowing you to spend quality time with them and figure out who is best for your company. By saving everyone's time, you're better positioned to attract top talent in future hiring cycles, as they know you value their time.

  • Promotes collaborative hiring

ATS software makes it easier for HR teams to collaborate to determine the best candidates for each role. This way, every member of the HR team can contribute to the hiring process, making it easier for the company to identify top talent more objectively. In addition, this way, hiring a more diverse team with experience in various areas becomes easier, rather than having the decision rest on only one or two persons.

With a collaborative hiring process, you can harmonize the individual contributions of each member of your HR team. This assures you of excellent hiring each time.

  • Improves the quality of hire

Some of the best ATS software have automated systems that screen out candidates that fail to meet standards. Therefore, the hiring team is only presented with qualified candidates. Additionally, ATS software can match the best candidates to each role based on preset criteria. This way, recruiters spend almost no time on unqualified candidates and can engage more with top candidates.

With more engagement, recruiters can gather more information about the top candidates and figure out the best of the best. This way, ATS software helps recruiters figure out the best candidates consistently.

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  • Enhances the candidate's experience

To keep attracting top talent to your business, it's crucial to build an excellent reputation for your company's hiring process. ATS software helps your company build a reputation by providing an enhanced candidate experience, no matter the role. As a result, finding and applying to positions at your company easier saves candidates time and stress.

Additionally, with prompt updates and feedback, candidates are continually updated about the progress of their application. This boosts their engagement, making them more likely to accept your offer or apply in the future. Also, by allowing you to quickly find the best candidates in your applicant pool, you can engage more with the top talent, providing a more interactive experience. This gives a good company image, making them more likely to accept your offer.

  • Streamlines employee onboarding

As part of a great employee experience, new employees must be acquainted with the correct information. With great applicant tracking system, you can welcome employees to your company smartly and efficiently. From the employment offer to payrolling and employee orientation, ATS software can automate the onboarding process, facilitating the employee experience.

How Can an ATS Software Help You Find the Best Talent?

Today, the competition for top talent is tougher. However, ATS software is adapted to these realities, making it easier to spot top candidates quicker. A few ways that ATS software helps you spot top talent include:

  • Provides unique branding for your company

By giving your company a unique image, you're better able to attract the best candidates in your hiring cycles. This boosts your chances of finding top talent.

  • Quickly reveals top resumes

Using preset standards, applicant tracking software separates the top candidates from the rest. This way, you can spend more time on them, increasing your chances of convincing them to work at your company.

  • Builds a talent pool

With ATS software, you always have a list of great candidates on hand so that you can contact them anytime you have an opening, rather than starting another recruitment cycle.

Automated Job

What are the main features of an ATS software?

Here are some of the features you should look out for when choosing an ATS software:

  • Automated job posting

With automated job posting on popular sites, applicants can find their open positions quickly.

  • Resume parsing

With resume parsing, you can analyze multiple resumes quickly to find the best candidates.

  • Workflow management

Workflow management allows you to break down the recruitment process into a series of steps, ensuring every member of the HR team is always aware of the progress of the hiring cycle.

  • Team collaboration

This allows multiple HR team members to collaborate in the hiring process. This reduces the workload and ensures consistent hiring quality.

  • Job management

This allows HR teams to post and manage multiple job openings seamlessly and separately, although on the same platform.

  • Email integration

With email integration, companies can manage candidate emails in a centralized system. It also automates the emailing process, so HR teams can schedule and send multiple emails simultaneously.

  • Candidate management

With candidate management, HR teams can get a snapshot of each candidate's credentials and interview performance, schedule interviews, and seamlessly send offer letters.


With the best applicant software, you're better able to find and hire the best candidates. RecruitHire is an online ATS software with excellent features for finding and recruiting great candidates for your company. And with 39+ apps in the 500apps suite to help with onboarding and other work processes, you're assured of improved productivity!

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