The top online applicant tracking system (ATS) is the next big thing as companies strive to speed up the hiring process and also improve the quality of hires. Using an applicant tracker is the best way to streamline recruitment. The HR and other stakeholders can track the hiring process and determine what needs changing to bring about efficiency and increased productivity. With the help of the top online applicant tracking system, companies can collect candidate information, post job adverts, track and monitor applicants, schedule interviews, and more.

What Makes The Top Online Applicant Tracking System?

Most successful businesses have embraced technologies like ATS systems and are continuously adopting them to improve their business processes. The top online applicant tracking systems have made it easier to source and hire suitable candidates. Since most HR and admin tasks can be automated using an ATS, there are tons of benefits of using this software in your business.

If you’re considering investing in ats software, this critique outlines some of the benefits you will get. However, it’s worth noting that investing in the right software is crucial to achieving some of the perks discussed herein.

Not all ATS tools are good. Just because an applicant tracker is costly doesn’t mean it’s good for your business. You shouldn’t settle for any software because your industry rivals are using it. Your business needs come first, and you should consider them when selecting the top online applicant tracking system to achieve your goals and objectives.

What Makes The Top Online Applicant Tracking System

Before looking at the main benefits of the popular ats systems, let’s look at how this system works.

Typically, everyone involved in hiring can use applicant tracker software. Business owners, HR teams, managers, etc., will use an ATS solution at some point. This tool will help the company to schedule interviews, collaborate in the hiring process, improve employer branding, source candidates, and so on. With the change in processes within your organization, an applicant tracking tool will help you achieve the following benefits.

How Can The Top Online Applicant Tracking System Benefit Your Business?

Saves Time

Companies choose to invest in applicant tracking tools because they help to automate most admin tasks. This leaves plenty of time to attend to more demanding tasks. The top online applicant tracking system will help you post job open jobs on job websites, and social media pages, follow up with applicants with automated emails, sift resumes, organize candidate data, and also notify recruiters. All these tasks would have taken a lot of time to manage and keep them running.

Streamlines Recruiting

Large businesses might source and interview candidates for different positions at the same time. It’s challenging to handle the recruitment process manually. There’s so much that HR needs to track. Managers need to be informed about the process, and candidates also expect to be notified about the progress of the hiring process. The top online applicant tracking system or ats applicant tracking system ensures all these activities are streamlined in a single platform. Everything that involves hiring can be handled on a single dashboard. Everyone can see how candidates are moving from start to finish. The onboarding process is also made simpler using the right software with onboarding features.

Enhances Brand Image

The best ats systems help build your brand’s image. Candidates will be looking to apply for open jobs through a responsive career portal. They expect a simple-to-use interface where they can submit their resumes with just a few clicks. In other words, their experience while applying for jobs on your career portal will influence how they perceive your brand. Investing in the top online applicant tracking system is the right way to win the hearts of your audience. You will attract skilled individuals to apply for jobs. If they don’t qualify, you can store their data in your database and contact them in the future to apply for your openings.

Enhances Collaboration

The top online applicant tracking system will also pave the way for increased collaboration among recruiters. Individuals will use the software to communicate about the hiring process. A reliable ATS should have collaboration features. Teams should share data quickly and notes about candidates. Such team collaboration leads to better hiring decisions. It also makes it easy for everyone because no single person bears the burden of deciding who the best applicant for the job is.

Insightful Reports and Actionable Analytics

The top online applicant tracking system comes with reports and analytics features. The information gained here tells you just about anything about the recruitment process. For instance, your team can determine the time it takes to source candidates to hire them. The time spent on the different phases of the hiring process can also be evaluated. Such analytics can help to point out existing bottlenecks and eliminate them.

Reporting helps to provide management with details about the hiring process. They can review how everything transpired and provide resources where necessary. Based on these reports, intelligent decisions can be made to improve the hiring process.

Top Online Applicant Tracking System Benefits

Better and Faster Resume Screening

We can all agree that manually screening resumes is a tiresome job. You might end up wasting time checking CVs before you find the right candidate that is qualified for the job. Manually checking resumes wastes the company’s human resources. Investing in the top online applicant tracking system can automate the screening process.

An applicant tracker can parse through thousands of CVs in seconds. The tool utilizes algorithms to filter specific candidates that meet the set requirements. Recruiters will have a shorter list of applicants to compare. They can then use the top online applicant tracking system ATS to schedule face-to-face or virtual interviews with these individuals to know them in person. Therefore, an applicant tracking tool speeds up the screening process and increases the likelihood of finding skilled applicants.

Resume Parsing And Storage

Besides sifting through resumes to find suitable candidates, the top online applicant tracking system or ATS system helps businesses to store and organize resumes. Candidates’ information is scanned safely stored for future use. Enriching your candidate pipeline with qualified individuals makes it easier for your company to find applicants for future job openings. You only need to filter data based on specific keywords and other search criteria.

The resume storage capability also simplifies the process of sorting candidate information and locating specific individuals. You don’t have to go through any form of paperwork to manually find and contact candidates. With a few clicks in the top online applicant tracking system, you can get the contact details and reach out to your applicants.

These benefits of the top online applicant tracking system should motivate you to invest in this software. If you’re using an ATS already, these perks should trigger you to reconsider investing in a different tool if these benefits are not coming forth.

So, what are some of the things you should be looking for in an applicant tracker?

What to Look for in The Top Online Applicant Tracking System

Since applicant tracking tools differ, there are certain distinguishing factors you should be on the lookout for to ensure you pick the top online applicant tracking system for your business.

Top Online Applicant Tracking System Unique to Your Business Needs

Before you compare any ATS tools, you first need to determine your business needs. If you are running a small firm, you may have to pick a different tool from someone who is running a large business. Determine what your recruitment needs are and select an applicant tracker based on your needs. Of course, vendors will want to provide a solution that fits almost every need of all businesses. However, it’s crucial that you define your business needs and be specific with the top online applicant tracking system you want to use.

Ease of Use

A recruiting software is meant to streamline hiring and recruitment. When choosing a tool to buy, you should consider its ease of use. Check reviews to establish the user experience. Consider whether teams are finding it easy to use the top online applicant tracking system. What about candidates? Are candidates finding the user experience admirable? All these are factors that will determine whether the best recruiting software is indeed easy to use. You don’t want to invest in an ATS that will require extensive training for people to understand how to use it.

Social Media Recruiting

Your recruitment process won’t be effective if you fail to leverage the power of social media. Job seekers are all over the internet browsing through their social media networks. Therefore, social media is a powerful tool to help you source and attract candidates to apply for your jobs.

Determine whether the applicant tracking system software allows for integration with top social media platforms. This should be done when testing the tool during the trial period.


Not all applicant trackers have analytics. Small and large businesses should consider analytics features a must-have. You don’t want to run the hiring and recruitment process blindly.

The analytics feature of the top online applicant tracking system will provide you with valuable information about the hiring process. You will know whether or not the recruitment campaign is turning out as expected. Adjustments can be made to improve or speed up the hiring process.

Top Online Applicant Tracking System Ideal Features

The features of an applicant tracker will also help you compare options. You should have a specific top online applicant tracking system in mind depending on your business needs. A good tool isn’t just one with many features. Sure, you might have tons of features, but if these are not relevant to your business needs, you will waste time investing in the software.

The must-have features of applicant tracking software include:

Customizable career website

The career portal is where you will display and advertise open jobs. Therefore, it’s an important page that should portray what your ideal business looks like. Choose the top online applicant tracking system or an ats system that allows you to customize your career portal to meet your hiring needs and lift your brand’s image.

Collaboration tools

The people involved in the hiring process should collaborate effectively while using the top online applicant tracking system you choose.

Top Online Applicant Tracking System Features


The applicant software should be easy to integrate with third-party productivity and management tools such as HR software. You don’t want to invest in a stand-alone platform that will require you to purchase other tools for different tasks.


The top online applicant tracking system should come with messaging features to hasten and automate the process of emailing applicants or communicating internally with HR and recruiters.

Job distribution

The best top online applicant tracking system is one that helps you reach a wide audience. You should be able to post to notable recruitment websites like Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and more.

Look for a Partner, Not a Tool

You shouldn’t focus solely on buying a tool that will streamline hiring and recruitment in your organization. An ideal approach is to look for a partner you can work with in the long run. This approach allows you to develop a good relationship with the software vendor. By doing this, you can be sure that you will be getting the most from the top online applicant tracking system.

The vendor will want to help you improve how you attract and hire employees. The solid relationship you create will also have a positive impact on how the vendor attends to your queries. They will be quick to help you resolve any issues with the job applicant software. Plus, they might consider offering additional training sessions to help your team master how to use the top online applicant tracking system effectively. So, it’s not all about the software; you should strive to create a good relationship with the tool’s vendor.


You’re about to transform the recruitment process in your organization, and it all depends on the ATS software you use. If you’re still undecided about the right tool to buy, RecruitHire by 500apps is worth trying. It’s great software with all the must-have features you want in an applicant tracker. The tool is trusted by more than 30,000 businesses globally. It’s the right platform that will guarantee you reap all the benefits that have been detailed in this guide. Remember, when choosing a reliable top online applicant tracking system, always put your business needs first.

What Makes the Best Applicant Tracking System?
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