Different organizations hire new employees regularly. They advertise any vacancy in their company, and people send their applications in reply to the advertisements. They choose the right candidate after conducting interviews. This is an ongoing process until they choose the required number of suitable candidates for a job.

What Does Recruitment Mean?

The word recruitment is a term used for a lengthy process of attracting, identifying, interviewing, choosing, hiring, and onboarding new employees. To keep it short and simple, recruitment involves all the necessary steps, from placing a vacancy to hiring the right person to fill the vacant post.

Based upon the size of a company, recruitment is the complete responsibility of several workers. Any large-scale company will have an entire team that recruits new employees. On the other hand, small companies will have a single person who looks after the recruitment part. It is usually the hiring manager who recruits new employees.

Larger organizations are often seen outsourcing recruitment jobs to outside firms. This saves time and effort for the organizations. These outside recruitment firms hire candidates via job boards, advertisements, and social media sites. In addition, several organizations use recruiting software to efficiently and effectively hire some of the best candidates for a job within the company.

In a reasonably short while, companies starting with large scale ones are preferring to use applicant tracking software that can automate the entire hiring process with minimal efforts. Even small to medium scale businesses are looking at cost effective ats software that they can rely on for hiring the best talent at a faster pace.

RecruitHire -An Efficient Applicant Tracking System

As discussed above, several large-scale organizations use recruitment software to hire new candidates. One of the most efficient and feature-rich applicant software is RecruitHire. In addition, it can help you skillfully manage the entire recruitment process.

Efficient Applicant Tracking

RecruitHire can help simplify the entire hiring process. As a result, you can save your precious time and focus on other critical aspects of your business. For example, you can use job management, candidate tracking, workflow management, automation, and Kanban boards to simplify recruitment.

Key Features of RecruitHire

RecruitHire has several features that can help you ease out the recruitment process. Some of these are discussed below.

Job Management

This is one of the critical features of the RecruitHire ats tracker. It helps you handle various job positions in a single place. As a result, you can enjoy a flawless recruitment process by creating and displaying different jobs. You can also track the activities of various candidates and add candidates effortlessly.

Different candidates search for jobs and apply to those that suit their experience and education. This may seem like a tedious process sometimes. This feature lets you make this entire process as smooth as possible. In addition, it provides you with a dynamically designed career page. As a result, candidates will find it easy to apply for the various listed job posts.

Kanban Project Management

Kanban Boards

With the help of the Kanban boards, you can visualize various recruitment stages in a Kanban view. View and track different job openings in Kanban boards card view through the different stages of recruitment. You can drag and drop the profiles of various candidates onto the following stage and monitor each step from the beginning to the end. You can do so using Kanban project management.

Ultimate Groups

It may so happen that you may require to make different groups manage the recruitment process efficiently. This is possible with the RecruitHire software. It allows unlimited groups to create and manage the lengthy recruitment process into small groups based upon custom categorization.

The process of creating newsgroups is straightforward. All you need to do is add a specific group title, name the group, describe it, and add members to complete the creation of category-based groups. Then, after successfully adding candidates and the associated jobs, you can make the recruitment process more accessible than earlier for the benefit of recruits.


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