An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a recruitment software that helps companies ease the hiring process. ATS helps with the organization of aspiring candidates in the recruitment phase. ATS is designed to create a database. Information is collected and stored based on the skill set of each candidate and experience.

As a business owner, either a startup or a big brand, you might be wondering why you need to use an applicant tracking system. For starters, most big brands in the business world currently use the software for the recruitment and storage of candidate information. The ATS system keeps track of the communication with every candidate making it each to search for information on the go.

If you are still wondering why you should use an applicant tracker for business, follow this guide for a broader understanding.

Source And Attract Qualified Candidates

Sourcing for qualified talents to fill up a job position can be very stressful for HR personnel, as an organization, especially a growing brand, it will be smart to use ATS software to help your hiring process. Using the applicant tracking system for your business brand can help you not be the only source for candidates, but also filter the top qualified candidates for a job post.

When a job ad is posted, the process involved in the hiring process can be time-consuming and this can affect the quality of candidates hired. With the ats software, the sourcing process is automated which helps to make the hiring process more efficient. These unqualified candidates are sorted using the use of filters used for that purpose.

Increase Candidate Engagement

The first opportunity for a candidate to get an overview of what working with your company feels like is through the recruitment process. If the feedback from the hiring team is negative, i.e., reply time, meeting schedule, poor communication, etc, the odds are that top candidates will drop the interview process and give a bad review about their experience with your company. This gives your company an unprofessional outlook and a poor company culture.

With the online applicant tracking system candidate engagement is given top priority. Applicants get to set a convenient date for their interviews rather than postponing interview dates. The software also ensures that communication is improved. The data you have collected during the application stage is automatically saved in your database. This puts them at the front of your mind so the communication channel is always active.

An applicant tracking software like RecruitHire helps your company communicate directly with the candidates on the dashboard of the applicants. There is usually no need to continuously worry about where the resumes are kept. All information about a particular candidate will be saved in a particular location, giving you ease of accessibility to them.

Improve Efficiency And Lower Costs

As a business brand looking to hire new staff, the use of Ats software not only improves the quality of your work (efficiency) is also your money. The job of a hiring manager requires loads of paperwork and these papers need to be sorted out daily. Using the applicant tracking system for your company helps save the hiring manager the extra time needed to deal with issues rather than focusing on the hiring process alone.

The ats tracker helps streamline loads of tasks with a one-click function. The applicant tracking system is not only time effective, but it is also cost-effective. Research studies have shown that smaller firms that incorporated the use of an applicant tracking system saved up to $10,000 a year. This amount of money can be greater if the company is a bigger brand and is interested in making some extra cash.

Optimize The Onboarding Process

The applicant tracking system helps you with the assistance of the new employee with the onboarding process. The ats system assists with tasks related to onboarding. Such tasks include sending letters, setting up the payroll system, and guidelines for how the company operates.

When you use the applicant tracking system, you can automate these processes shown to your employee. You can show them the organizational structure of the company before they start working. Employees tend to stay with companies that have a great onboarding experience as a company. If you want to take your company to great heights, it is better to implement the applicant tracking system.

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Candidates

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Candidates

Candidates looking to apply for job positions in various places can use the applicant tracking system to rank top among various pools of candidates. To beat the ATS system as a candidate, you need to do the following using the ATS software as a guide:

Tailor your job resume with each application according to the ATS standard.

Optimize your job search using the applicant tracking system to match the resume keywords of the company.

The applicant tracking system helps candidates use the proper acronym version of keywords while applying for jobs.

The ATS software helps with the appropriate font used for job applications.

With the traditional system of job applications becoming outdated the applicant tracking system is very useful for job applicants. As companies upgrade their standards for appointments, there is a need to continuously evolve the process of a job application. A resume that is ATS optimized is the best way of getting past the competition among job seekers.


Now that you understand how the applicant tracking system can help your company upscale as a brand, you can get all the best the software has to offer by checking the RecruitHire by 500apps. This applicant tracking software offers you the best option for making your hiring process very efficient.

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