Thanks to technology, the applicant tracking software revolutionized recruiting by automating the entire process. It started with a file cabinet, then a phone, and what we’ve come to know as the applicant tracking tool. For example, writing paper applications, office memos, hire paperwork, clippings of job openings, and more. The human resource department had to deal with paper volume before introducing the system.

Applicant Tracking Tool and How it Helps Hiring Managers?

An applicant tracking system is an HR software that functions as a database for job applicants. It is designed to make life easier for recruiters; the system uses automatic intelligence to screen for the most qualified candidates out of thousands and save the time that would otherwise be spent on filtering through unqualified candidates.

The tracking tools use artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and other technology to screen and sort through resumes. It will extract and organize qualified resumes into structured information and store it for future use. Not only this, but hiring managers can search by keyword to locate candidates, and they can filter any information.

The applicant tracking tool can also generate automatic emails of acceptance or rejection letters to applicants to ensure they get their results at the right time. This way, it significantly eliminates all forms of manual labor tied to hiring that may take days or even weeks. In the Recruitment Process

Job management and candidate tracking

An applicant tracking system is a job management software that lets recruiters handle job positions in one place. In other words, you can create and post jobs quickly, add candidates and track their activities with ease. All you need to create a job is to add job titles, descriptions, number of open positions – all with a few clicks.

Thanks to a simple user interface, you can conveniently track the number of applications for a particular job post and add candidates. Recruiters can also upload resumes and review each applicant’s application history.

Resume parsing

Thousands of applicants will apply to a single job posting. The process will filter out highly-qualified candidates from those who are not qualified and create a list. The resume parsing function of an applicant tracking system analyzes, extracts, and stores the resume data of a candidate. It then uses a resume parser mapping function to standardize and align the parsed resume in the structure you want. This way, recruiters won’t need to spend time and energy manually segregating resumes.

Bulk resume parsing increases sorting time and is accurate. Apart from this, the function effectively identifies skills and determines the perfect candidates quickly.

Automations and Career Portal

Automations and career portal

A custom workflow allows you to automate and configure actions for every stage of the recruitment process. Recruiters can create workflows based on triggers they want, select trigger names, and create a webhook to cause instant web notifications when something happens. You are also free to design the flows you want so that candidates can understand them easily.

If you ever want to make your candidates feel special, use an applicant tracking tool to create a career portal. The career portal is a self-serving portal that applicants can use to communicate with you. They can search for jobs you post and apply.

Real-time notifications

Alert your applicants and receive notifications in real-time with an applicant tracking tool. You can automatically send pre-written messages, screening stage alerts, result alerts, and other notifications. Hirers and applicants can now engage each other in real-time when they send updates about the recruitment process.

Inbound email integration

It is common for a hirer to neglect an applicant’s email because they were overwhelmed with work. But not anymore. You can now automate your inbound email services to include emails from your candidates. All applicants’ emails will be directed to your inbox when someone applies to your job post, and there is a centralized console for managing all messages. You can also reply through emails.


An applicant tracking tool is designed to help recruiters track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring stages. The system is great for companies of all sizes. Still, it will prove invaluable if you get many applicants for a position or regularly hire employees for various positions. You're Missing Out If You Aren't Using This Feature! Start Today!

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