An Applicant Tracking System, also known as ATS, effectively recruits employees or teams. But the term is used quite often and in many places, including applications that don't match the original meaning of ATS. As a result, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the purpose and use of the term. This article will provide crucial details of applicant tracking systems and show you the best one in the market.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is an advanced software solution used to track job applicants and monitor recruitment. This tool will do all the heavy lifting for you, including handling resumes and cover letters sent, organizing interviews, and the hiring process. When an applicant applies to your organization, the ATS will collect all data sent to you. By doing this, you will not have to scroll through multiple individual files to learn about your recruit.

Companies expect so much from their recruiters and HR departments that they end up spending so much on hiring quality candidates. ats software help the company save money when recruiting new staff to work for them. They help to cut out repetitive processes that consume time and vital resources. Asides from helping organize staff recruitment, it smoothens communication and interaction between potential candidates and employers.

How Does an ATS Work?

As mentioned earlier, an ATS is designed to help recruiters organize candidate information. It reduces the HR department's amount of information to sift through during the hiring process. This tool is also useful to job seekers because it helps them store their data even after applying for a job role or position. As a result, they don't have to manually input their data from scratch when they spot future opportunities. Instead, they can make necessary adjustments to the data as they deem fit.

Recruiters can use these tools to identify and sort resumes with keyword-based searches. Candidates that use applicant software solutions for their resumes are more likely to get spotted than those who don't. What's more? Some ATS will provide a detailed ranking for employers based on the parameters or specific skills they are searching for.

Benefits of ATS

If you are trying to decide on whether or not to adopt this system for your business, take a look at the following benefits:

Saves Time: More than 50% of candidates do not meet the requirements for a job post-application. It can take a fairly long time to separate quality candidates from those who aren't. An ats tracker will allow employers to identify candidates that meet their specifications quickly.

Easy Job Posting: ATS systems put employers in the driver's seat when creating job posts. They can easily compile and specify what they expect from applicants.

Saves Cost: Recruiters spend so long identifying potential candidates to fill certain roles in their organization. An ATS can reduce this time by a large margin and ensure that the organization can focus on other productive activities.

Using Applicant Tracking Software

The Best Applicant Tracking Software


RecruitHire is one of the most effective applicant tracking software available on the internet. It's designed to save time during the recruitment process through workplace management, candidate tracking, workflow management and automation, and kanban boards. It's an all-in-one solution for the swift recruitment of quality candidates. In addition, RecruitHire specializes in automating the recruiting process by providing ready-made questionnaires, email templates, and simplified multi-level screening.

The tool is designed with an impressive list of features, including;

  • Resume Parser
  • Candidate Tracker
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Visual Workflow
  • Kanban Board
  • Career Page
  • Extensive Groups
  • Templates for Email
  • Automation
  • Workflow management
  • Job Management

The best thing about applicant tracking system, RecruitHire is that different types and sizes of organizations can easily adopt it. It also doesn't require any special technical know-how for easy and smooth operations. The tool can be successfully integrated with email and telephone providers.


Application tracking system is crucial for recruitment process in many industries. Due to technological innovations, numerous upgrades have been implemented in these tools. As mentioned earlier, the applicant tracker, RecruitHire can simplify administrative functions and improve the effectiveness of your operations.

Choosing the right type of ATS can be beneficial for your organization. Today, there are various software solutions that you can choose for your business. If your business cares about the effectiveness of the hiring process, then you need to install a modern ATS solution, RecruitHire by 500apps which also have 39 other applications that includes employee onboarding and interview tool.

What Makes the Best Applicant Tracking System?
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