Traditionally, the recruitment process was quite tedious as there was so much that recruiters had to go through to ensure they found the right candidates for the job. An online applicant tracking system (ATS) can make a huge difference by streamlining the recruitment process, so you focus more on building better relationships with potential candidates. Basically, an ATS is a tool that lets you create job openings, organize candidate data, and make such data searchable.

How Does the Online Applicant Tracking System Works?

An ATS helps to streamline and simplify the recruitment process. This is achieved through automating some of the common recruitment tasks that would have been handled manually. Since most job openings attract hundreds or thousands of applicants, using an ATS can save recruiters a lot of time.

An ATS software parses resumes from applicants and categorizes them based on specific recruiter’s requirements. It also scans through resumes for certain keywords to filter candidates that should move to the next level. By doing this, an applicant tracking system makes it easier for a recruiter to only focus on potential candidates that meet specific qualifications.

How does applicant tracking system works

The Benefits of Using an Online Applicant Tracking System

The perks of an ATS system are discussed in the following lines.

Automated Administration

The human resource (HR) is often required to handle candidates’ data, schedule interviews, and other manual recruitment activities. Conventionally, these processes are tedious and time-consuming. Using an applicant tracking system can help automate these mundane activities. A recruiter can automate tasks such as creating job postings, resume parsing, job management, and workflow management.

Centralized Applicant Database

Applicant tracking tool has simplified and hasted the recruitment process. Whether big or small, your business can take advantage of the centralized applicant database the tool offers. In other words, all your candidates’ information is consolidated into one database. This makes access to and searching for applicant information pretty simple. For instance, if you want to check the number of applicants for a specific job, you can just search and filter candidates based on specific criteria.

Flexible Scheduling

An applicant software also makes scheduling easy. The tool lets you schedule interviews and automate emails, giving candidates and employers an easier time scheduling times that work for them.

Allows for Collaborative Hiring

A good ATS tool like RecruitHire is packed with amazing features that pave the way for collaborative hiring. It also provides access to other applications of its parent suite such as team chat software. Individuals in HR can work together by sharing notes and comments on each potential candidate. This creates a collective decision-making process, which increases the chances of hiring the best candidates for the job.

Improves the Quality of Hire

As previously mentioned, an ats system provides a faster CV screening process. This means that recruiters get to engage with only candidates fit for the job. Once interviews have been scheduled, recruiters can have more time to know the applicants in person. This guarantees that quality assessments are performed during the hiring process.

Enhances Employer Brand

An effective recruitment process helps to build your employer's brand. The right ATS software will attract a large pool of candidates. Robust features like branded career portals and attractive job ads will create a good image of your company.

Speeds up the Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will be much faster because the ATS tool will automate most activities that would have taken time to manage. Recruiters will not waste time moving candidates to the next phase since the software has done the most important task of filtering the best applicants from the lot. Therefore, an applicant tracker helps recruiters to execute an efficient workflow and focus more on other important activities within the hiring funnel.

Reports and Analytics

With an ATS, you can generate reports that help you analyze candidates’ performance at any time. You can identify key trends that will help improve the recruitment process or even assist new recruits in performing better.

Intuitive Dashboard

An applicant tracking system comes with an intuitive dashboard that aids recruitment. Teams can make good use of informative insights from a single dashboard. For instance, recruiters can monitor job postings, manage candidates, and perform other admin tasks without using different tools. Generally, an ideal ATS should provide a real-time snapshot of how the hiring process takes shape.

How our <a href='online-applicant-tracking-system'>online applicant tracking system</a> streamlines the hiring process

How Our Online Applicant Tracking System Streamlines the Hiring Process?

RecruitHire, a product of 500apps, can provide your team with all the benefits discussed in this guide. It’s an all-in-one recruitment tool that lets you shortlist, schedule, and interview your candidates stress-free.

Why choose RecruitHire? The software has all the powerful features that any reliable recruitment tool should have. Some of these features include:

- Candidate tracking

- Resume parsing

- Job management

- Career portal

- Real-time notifications

- Kanban boards

- Email templates

- Custom domain

- Team collaboration

These features allow you to speed up the hiring process and still ensure you hire the best applicants. The powerful automation guarantee that you spend less time on manual activities that could have been automated. You will spend more time engaging with candidates that meet your job requirements. For instance, the candidate tracking feature allows you to track the pipeline stages of the candidates. You can know the progress and how interviews will be scheduled. So, it makes it easier to follow up on the hiring process without having to make calls here and there.

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RecruitHire is the right applicant tracking system for your business. The tool has all the vital features to simplify and hasten recruitment. It’s time to say goodbye to manual recruitment activities like shortlisting candidates, sending emails manually, and making calls to schedule interviews. RecruitHire can automate these processes giving you plenty of time to know your applicants and assess them well. The right software with top-notch features will determine how you will select candidates for the job. So, make a smart move today by choosing RecruitHire.

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