What Is A Job Management App?

A job management app is a software that you can use to manage your workforce. You can assign jobs, set schedules, and track work hours from the app.


Manage the whole hiring process from a single platform


Create jobs, distribute openings on popular career portals and manage candidates


Parse inbound emails to your career mailbox and add them as candidates automatically


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Integrate with virtual interviewing tool, NinjaInterview to conduct uninterrupted, one-way, online interviews


Resume Parsing Tool


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What Makes the Best Applicant Tracking System?

Gone are the days of flipping through printed CVs as you try to find the right candidate for a given position in your organization. Today, most companies post their job adverts online. What’s more, with digital communication tools getting better every day, companies are also using these tools to interview their applicants. Most companies have realized that there are many benefits they can gain by ensuring the hiring process is done virtually.

Now that you’re here, you might be curious to know more about job management applications. This guide will provide you with basic information about job management app and why you need one in your business.

Our Guide To Job Management Apps

With unemployment levels soaring high, millions of people seek employment over the internet. As a result, companies have also been at the frontline in using digital tools to track their candidates. A job management app is an application that is designed to manage and automate your company’s staffing and recruiting needs. This tool can be used to execute various hiring activities, including posting job openings, to engaging with your applicants. The idea of using a job management software is that it helps you save time and it also enhances your recruitment efficiency.

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You don’t have to waste time doing the same routine tasks day in day out. Using a job management app, you can schedule your time to handle more pressing admin tasks. The best job management tool also boosts your engagement with your candidates. You can appeal to the best applicants to apply for the open positions in your company. This is how competitive you can get when using a job management application.

Introducing RecruitHire

Choosing the right job management app for your business is a crucial decision. You need to compare options and settle for the best in the market. Apart from considering the necessary features your business requires, you also need to pick one that fits your budget. One recommended tool that delivers is Recruithire.com. More about this software is detailed below.


Companies will turn to recruiting applications to help them track every step of the hiring process. Right from the initial job posting stage to job onboarding, a job management app can ensure you track each stage of the hiring process. The best platform in the market will organize your applicants and sort them out based on the job qualifications you are after.

Well, this is where the Recruithire applicant tracking system comes in. It’s a recommended software that simplifies the hiring process for you. The software has powerful automation, email templates, questionnaires, and multi-level screening stages. You can also take advantage of the widgets that make navigating through the common functionality features easy. In terms of price, Recruithire basic features can be obtained for just $14.99.

Features Of RecruitHire

When you want to pick the right job management app, you need to select one based on its features. For example, Recruithire comes with the following features:

Candidate tracking

Recruithire allows you to import, add, and check your applicants’ profiles. With your candidate information, it’s quite easy to track how their applications are moving in the hiring pipeline. The best part is that candidate tracking also allows you to acquire the best talent for your organization.

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Create and manage job openings

Recruithire provides you with all the right tools to create new job openings and filter out applications. In addition, you can activate and de-activate the jobs with the job management tools offered. This makes your work easy every time you want to hire new employees.

Kanban boards

Besides the mentioned features, you can also take advantage of the Kanban boards feature on Recruithire. Kanban boards allow you to visualize the recruitment stages.

Things To Consider When selecting the right job management software, you need to pick the right tool based on your business needs. Other factors that you should consider include: - Applicant tracking - Reporting and data analytics - Recruitment organization - Automated job listings - Online resume submission - Prescreening questionnaires

Luckily, all these features are provided by Recruithire.com. So, your search for the best recruitment software online should end here. Choose this tool and start streamlining the hiring process for your company right away.

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