What is an Interview Assessment Test?

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What Makes the Best Applicant Tracking System?

Over the years, both the task of job hunting by people and recruitment by companies have evolved. Originally, jobseekers just sent in their resumes and cover letters, and if their education and skills fit the employer's needs, they got hired. However, in modern times, hiring employees (for companies) and getting a job (for employees) has become more complicated. This is because specialized work roles are springing up in different industries than ever before. Thus, the hiring manager cannot afford to only look at an applicant's resume and decide if they are a good fit for a given role. They must also verify that the applicant has the specific skills and knowledge for the job. Therefore, many companies conduct some exercise to help them get the particular kind of employee that would fit into their staff with as little training as possible.

An interview assessment test is a form of examination a company gives a candidate during the interview to test their fitness for the role they intend to fill. Interview Assessments can be on a different range of subjects and test many qualities and skills depending on the available vacancy. They can test industry knowledge, personality traits, the candidate's ability to observe certain phenomena, and many other requirements. For instance, many Interview Assessment tests have progressively included questions that test the candidate's ability to work remotely and interact with team members without physical interaction.

Interview Assessment Test

Similarly, Interview Assessment tests can also be helpful in cases where the work role is well-paying and competitive. This means many equally qualified candidates will apply. Again, the interview assessment test proves an impartial decision-maker about a candidate's competency over another. With human biases out of the way, the hiring manager's work becomes more effortless.

Tips for Passing an Interview Assessment Test

As we earlier pointed out, interview assessment tests can be on a range of subjects and of different types. However, regardless of the kind of test you have to take, a few tips will help you.

Know the kind of test you are taking

Is it a numeracy test or a verbal reasoning test? Is it a situational judgment test (i.e., one where you have to respond to a specific workplace scenario) or a logical reasoning test? Again, knowing the test you are taking helps you prepare properly.


Once you have determined the test you are taking, look for resources to practice for the test with. Many companies usually use test questions similar to what you can find online. While some others even send you similar questions to the real test beforehand. As the cliché goes, "practice makes perfect." The more test questions you practice, the better you are equipped for the test.

Time management

When doing your test, ensure that you pay attention to your time. Quickly determine the most relevant questions to your interview and the sections where you will get the most points. To know this, ensure that you read the instructions carefully. Do not be in a hurry to finish all the questions. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to ask questions about the test.

Interview Assessment Test 1

Tips for Companies Using an Interview Assessment Test

Ensure that the test fits the role applicants applied for

Do not just test the candidate because you have to eliminate competition or find certain kinds of questions funny or exciting. If the job's role will require the candidate to use numbers, use a numeracy test. If your job's role requires the candidate to work under certain conditions, create your test around those conditions. If your company has a particular culture you want to uphold, test the candidate's ability to fit in that culture. Creating test questions that befit the work role will help you determine the appropriate questions to ask and not unnecessarily waste the candidate's time.

Pay attention to diversity

Unless your job role requires a specific kind of individual who can do it, there is a chance you will have a variety of people of different genders, ethnicities, and races applying for the position. Therefore, you must create the Interview Assessment to test how skilled they are at the job and that the candidate can feel like they will fit in at your job. As a company putting out a test, you should keep in mind that the test is as much the candidate assessing you as you are assessing them. If you don't make your test diverse enough, you may miss out on the best hire.


Interview Assessment tests can be easy or difficult depending on how the hiring company and the candidate view the test. However, it can be seamless with the appropriate steps for the hiring manager and the candidate.

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