What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps recruiters collect, organize, and track candidates through the hiring process. For organizations with a large workforce and employee strength, candidates hiring at frequent intervals are normal. That's when an applicant tracking system comes into play.


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What Makes the Best Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system tracks the applicant's activities and helps manage the recruitment process until the job positions are filled. Most of the time, this software comes equipped with job management, automated workflows, resume parser, career pages, activity monitoring, and candidate management.

An applicant tracking system is an advanced program that helps companies organize candidates during hiring and recruitment. These systems allow businesses to collect information, filter applicants, and manage applicants based on experience and skill set.

More than 90% of Fortune 500 Companies use ats software. These systems are beneficial for storing candidate information and tracking all communications with candidates. It makes it easy to search and filter resumes and other candidate information. Ultimately, it decreases time to fill job openings and ensures that companies get the best candidates for the position.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

When confronted with today’s fast-paced, competitive job market expectations, traditional recruiting practices such as spreadsheets and email chains fall short. With a centralized database, recruitment software boost the productivity and capabilities of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR teams. The software has a wide range of capabilities to improve hiring team efficiency while attracting top talent, allows:

  • Scanning, sorting, and ranking of candidates
  • Posting and management of a variety of job openings
  • Creating, managing, and updating career pages
  • Keep teams on track to meet hiring objectives
  • To develop and optimize the job recruitment workflows
  • To extract and store resume data
  • To automate the hiring process

Creating job postings easily is what an ats software offers best along with applicant tracking. You can post job openings in an indefinite amount of numbers and manage each of them separately without hassle. The job openings can also be showcased on the career page or career portal offered by the ATS software. A career page is a self-service provided to the applicants by the recruiters. Applicants can easily view and apply to the job openings via career pages.

With an applicant tracking tool, you can scan and sort the candidates into numerous groups based on their skills, departments, etc. After doing that, the software easily allows the recruiters to track each candidate's activity and check the hiring pipeline stage.

After receiving applications and resumes from the candidates, you need to analyze the best ones to develop a shortlist. But, what if the resumes you received are in bulk? That's when ATS software's robust resume parsing feature will help! With resume parsing, you can parse bulk resumes and filter out highly qualified applicants in no time.

RecruitHire has many features for saving time, increasing hiring team productivity, and ensuring consistent processes while improving the candidate experience. Most notable features include Kanban boards, candidate tracker, job management, automation, resume parsing, unlimited groups, managing workflows, career portal, visual workflow, tracking activity, real-time notifications, email templates, and much more.


The talent competition is fiercer than ever, and finding the right talent has never been more challenging. In these circumstances, hiring managers must adapt to a solution that completely streamlines the entire hiring process. The ats software solution that assists in sourcing talent, assessing potential, tracking interview processes, evaluating performance, making offers, and hiring efficiently. All of this is possible with the proper set of features.

A successful ATS can transform a reactive hiring team into a proactive, productive, and cost-effective operation. According to data from the annual SmartRecruiters customer survey, a modern, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, intuitive ATS has resulted in a 118 percent increase in applicant volume. Also, it resulted in 48 percent time savings for HR professionals on hiring-related activities, and a 53 percent faster response time, demonstrating increased hiring manager engagement.

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